What is Pixetal?

The short answer is that the name itself is two words combined—pixel + digital. To go deeper than that, Pixetal is a personal philosophy, and that design should work as good as it looks. In a real world context, you could say it’s my ikigai—my reason for being and the nucleus of where my passion, profession, mission, and vocation all intersect.

Who is Pixetal?

It’s me, Natalie Sharma. I’m a Jackson, Mississippi, USA native and I’m the Founder & Creative Director of Pixetal. I am the sole proprietor of this niche design studio where I serve up bespoke website design, branding, and UI design solutions as scalable systems for industry innovators. I act as your design partner, and I’m invested in your success just as much as you are. When hefty projects require extra hands, I hand pick fellow contractors based on their skillset to ensure your project is a success.

I have 10+ years of experience in design, and if you let me I’ll talk your ear off about color theory. I’m a frequent volunteer and speaker for many local ventures for such organizations as The Bean Path, the Mississippi Coding Academies, and Innovate Mississippi.

I currently live in Jackson, Mississippi with my husband, Rohit, and our Welsh Corgi, Milo.

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