What is Pixetal?

The short answer is that the name itself is two words combined—pixel + digital. To go deeper than that, Pixetal is a personal philosophy, and that design should work as good as it looks. In a real world context, you could say it’s my ikigai—my reason for being and the nucleus of where my passion, profession, mission, and vocation all intersect.

Who is Pixetal?

A portrait style photo of Natalie Sharma, founder of Pixetal.

It’s me, Natalie Sharma. I'm a Visual Designer & Pixetal is my brainchild. I'm originally from Jackson, Mississippi, but now I reside in sunny Redwood City, California. I truly love my job, and crafting custom solutions for web, product, and branding design is my happy place.

I'm a proud honors graduate of Mississippi University for Women with a BFA in Graphic Design. Since then I've accrued 10+ years of experience in design with a grab bag of experience across digital, print, and even signage and packaging. I’m also a frequent remote volunteer and speaker for many non-profit ventures in my home state such as The Bean Path, the Mississippi Coding Academies, and Innovate Mississippi.

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