EasyKale® - Website & Art Direction

Website Design & Development, Art Direction, Photo & Videoshoot Management

Bilal's EasyKale® is a product made for the good of humanity by a good human—Bilal Qizilbash. As a scientist, he knew that people tended to eat with their heart and not with their head. Kale is a reknowned superfood chock full of healthy ingredients, but the heart usually wants a hamburger and not leafy greens. Through his research, Bilal patented a process that dehydrated kale into a powder that kept all the nutrients without the taste. This powder could be mixed into just about any food and made eating healthier a little easier. Just like that, EasyKale was born.

There was no doubt about users being raving fans. The EasyKale shakers were flying out the door as soon as they hit warehouse shelves. Additionally, customers were hooked on the kindness of the company's CEO and his dedication to giving back to the underserved.

However—the team repeatedly faced the same questions: What is EasyKale? Why is it good for me? How do I use it?

I created a new website and directed fresh photo and video assets designed to answer all of these questions.

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