COVID-19 Procedures

Are you open?

Studio operations are normal and 100% virtual.

Keeping everyone safe and healthy is Pixetal's top priority. Communication is available by email, phone, and video chat during regular operating hours. In fact, no in-person contact is ever required unless in the case of a video and photo shoot. When those events occur, they are kept small and highly-controlled to ensure your safety.

What software do you use for virtual business?

Pixetal is proud to use software for regular project needs that require no extra download or sign-up.

Payments are accepted in a virtual portal with PayPal or Stripe. Checks are also accepted and must be made out to Pixetal, LLC.

Video chats and consultation calls are all conducted via Google Meet and may be recorded to ensure accurate notes and documentation.

Project edits or changes are handled in-browser via Adobe commenting software or MarkUp.

File and documents are stored on Dropbox where you will have access to a public folder just for you and all of your assets until project completion.