I'm pleased to offer you a variety of services to maintain your brand. Everything is managed and art directed by me. From time to time, I will tap my hand-picked vendor network for certain tasks to provide you with an even more custom experience.

Website Design

Having a responsive, informative, and up-to-date website is the new minimum. I'll do that (and make you look good too), but I like to take it a little deeper than that. Every good website starts with careful planning and intake, and I assess your needs and goals to make sure your site does what it needs to do. Please note that any custom site builds done by me are done exclusively with Webflow.

My website design process:

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Bespoke & Refreshed Branding

A logo design is just one small piece of a brand, and we don't believe in only giving you a small piece. Think of your brand as a manual that outlines exactly who you are—while the logo is just the cover. Luckily, with my brand services, I build that manual just for you. With your brand manual, you can confidently scale your venture even if that means without me.

What's the difference between bespoke and refreshed branding?

Bespoke Branding is starting your visuals from scratch. I let you tell me your story and where you want to go. I take a very deep dive into your goals, aspirations, influences, and competitors. Using that, extensive concepting, and ideation, I create a tailor made brand just for you.

Refreshed Branding is starting from where you are. Maybe you already have a logo design and some assets, but it’s not cohesive. Think of this as doing a deep clean and giving everything you’ve got a good polish. Your brand will look like what you had before, but more streamlined and primed for scaling up.

What do I get at the end of a brand project?

I give a comprehensive manual of everything you need. This may include things such as:

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UI Design

A user interface that doesn't frustrate your customers is crucial. And confused customers don't buy. I can assess your existing pain points and create designs from scratch, or I can give your existing interface a needed facelift.

Our UI Design process:

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Brand Maintenance

You have all the right pieces, but no time to move them. And a stagnant brand can't match your accelerated growth or your shifting goals and priorities. Brand maintenance is my way of making sure your visuals match you where you are in the moment and making adjustments over time. With a set number of hours each month at your disposal, I work as your partner and not just as a service provider.

Here I can flex decade plus of knowledge and network to provide you with extra services such as:

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